Date Problem Tags
2019-06-24 Broken keyboard ( Sol ) Strings, vectors, pairs
2019-06-25 Shell game ( Sol ) Swapping, strings
2019-06-25 Children taxi (Sol) Greedy algorithm
2019-06-26 Boy or Girl (Sol) Check char in Str, set
2019-06-26 Dangerous football team (Sol) Maximum consecutive equal terms in sequence of numbers
2019-06-27 Kefa and first steps (Sol) Maximum non-decreasing subsequence of numbers
2019-06-27 Chat room (hello) (Sol) Get a substring by erasing chars of a given string
2019-06-27 Lucky division (Sol) Examining divisors of a number
2019-06-27 Flipping game (Sol) Binary, flip, optimization
2019-06-29 School queue (Sol) Binary, flip
2019-07-10 Sagheer the hausmeister (Sol)